Take back control of your business internet by allowing you to decide which web sites can be visited by your staff and when!

The cost of doing business and maintaining good profit margins is paramount!

One key area that can cost you dearly is employee time management. Any business owner knows that keeping staff motivated on work tasks can be challenging and at times seem impossible.

GEEKS has the right solution for your business security with our GEEKS LOCKDOWN™ product!

Employee Facts

  • 64% of employees visit websites unrelated to work daily
  • 77% of users that have Facebook use it during the work day
  • 65% of YouTube viewers watch between 9-5!

5 hours per week* for each employee is what you could be losing for non-productive internet usage! With 10 employees that equals 50 hours!

If you paid the average employee $20.00 per hour you are losing $1000.00 per week!

Contact us today... and let's get your human resources under control!


*Survey Average






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