Our Proactive Real-Time Monitoring watches over all critical parts of your IT System around the clock!

Rather than waiting for you to discover problems and call us, we’re proactive and find small problems before they become big calamities saving you hours of downtime and frustration, not to mention substantial lost revenue!

We provide low-cost Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring services to hundreds of organizations and companies that are just like yours! By using GEEKSentry™, these businesses are certain that their crucial computer systems are operating as they should, and downtime is kept to a minimum!

...shouldn't your business be doing the same thing?


We automatically track...

  • Server health and optimization
  • Workstation health and performance
  • Disk space availability / data usage
  • File & folder sizes are within expectations
  • Network speed and performance
  • Business internet connectivity
  • Vital Windows services and applications
  • Business web site functionality

     ...and much more!








Business Office:

96 Norwood Avenue, Suite 200

Moncton, NB Canada  E1C 6L9

For Local Service Appointments Call: 506.388.4335

Dispatcher Available 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday

Our Fax: 1.866.433.5779

Call Us Toll Free: 1.888.388.GEEK (4335)


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